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Chief of Staff

Las Vegas, NV 88901

Posted: 03/08/2023 Industry: Chief of Staff Job Number: 4565 Pay Rate: 250,000

Job Description

Chief of Staff for High-Profile Entrepreneur & Investor
About You: As Chief of Staff, you will own the day-to-day execution of the principal’s life. This includes managing his inbox, calendar, travel, homes, social connections, and more. You will lead his personal team including PA, EA, and various financial/legal advisors. You are optimistic, positive, high-energy, and a delight to work with. There is no task that is too big or too small for you. One moment you may be interacting with a famous government official, and the next moment you may be helping with the principal’s pet. Complete confidentiality and discretion are required.

About the Principal: The principal is a very high-profile entrepreneur and investor. He lives in the United States. His various businesses have helped millions of people around the world. He’s an investor in some of the most successful companies of our generation. Because of the high profile nature of his businesses, he interacts with leaders across business, academia, politics, and entertainment. The principal is a caring, thoughtful person. To protect the principal’s privacy, the first stages of the interview process will be anonymized. For candidates who make it to the final stages of the interview process, we will share full background on the client. This is a rare opportunity to support a high-impact leader who helps millions of people.
Key objectives (how we will measure your success)
  • Time: Maximize principal’s time spent on purposeful social activities with friends, exercise, outdoor adventures, and new creative pursuits. Minimize time spent on email, finances, legal minutia, and all other admin work.
  • Connections: Maximize the amount of quality time the principal spends with his closest friends. This includes simple weekly dinners with small groups of friends and complex, adventurous trips with large groups, and everything in between.
  • Decisions: Minimize principal’s decision fatigue. You will create protocols and systems so the principal can get out of the weeds. The principal should make 80% fewer day-to-day decisions because his life increasingly runs on auto-pilot. The principal’s life should feel easy and smooth.
  • Positivity: You bring optimistic energy to every interaction, filling the principal’s life with positivity and happiness.
  • Peace of mind: Maximize principal’s peace of mind that you have legal, financial, and other obligations handled.
Responsibilities (what you will own)
  • Calendar architect: Instead of letting the principal’s calendar just happen, you will craft a calendar protocol that will prioritize the high-impact things that give the client the most meaning, and minimize meetings and time spent on administrative work.
  • Inbox defender: You will create protocols and systems to manage the principal’s extremely busy inbox. You will handle interactions with very high profile people that will require diplomacy and discretion.
  • Household manager: You will ensure the principal’s homes (both owned and rented) are not just organized and clean but also uplifting and full of friends. This includes ensuring homes are clean and organized, ordering grocery pickup/delivery, coordinating home repairs/renovations, buying supplies on Amazon, arranging local errand runners to pick things up, etc.
  • Connection builder: You will organize dinner parties, trips with friends, outdoor adventures, and everything in between.
  • Travel agent: You will book flights, cars, and Airbnbs to various locations in the US and around the world. You will also be on-hand when the principal is traveling to ensure smooth and low-stress travel.
  • Finance coordinator: You coordinate the financial and legal advisors to manage the principal’s personal accounting, tax, banking and legal work. You will be the first line-of-defense so the principal is only pulled into high-leverage situations.
  • Team leader: As the leader of the personal team, you’ll ensure the team is happy, engaged, and productive. You’ll first ensure that existing team members are fully leveraged, and as necessary you will recruit and hire new team members. The team today is a couple full-time people and various part-time advisors and consultants.
  • Project manager: You can manage multiple complex projects at once, and can build the systems to track dozens of concurrent tasks. You efficiently delegate to your team when possible, but are happy to tackle anything yourself.
  • More example projects: plan an annual Christmas trip with friends, work with financial advisor to create a simple investing protocol to reduce decision fatigue, find a new pet sitter for upcoming trip, schedule daily exercise with a pro athlete every morning, help reduce the time spent on email by 50%, setup project manager tool to track projects across the team, plan an offsite for work, organize contacts into useful groups.
Likely profile (who you are):
  • Location: Flexible location but we want someone with a Silicon Valley mindset. Since this is a work-from-home position, candidates need to have demonstrated experience excelling in this remote environment.
  • Background: You have a strong operator background. This means you’ve likely worked for an entrepreneur, operationally-intensive business leader, or other high-profile person.
  • Pride in work: You have extremely high standards, you love working, and you take pride in your work.
  • Happy: You default to optimism, happiness, and high-energy. People notice how positive you are. You are emotionally grounded and thrive in a remote work environment.
  • Tech savvy: You use modern productivity tools (e.g. Gmail, Google Docs, Notion, Trello, Asana) and are happy to test and adopt new technologies.
  • VIP experience: You are used to supporting a client with thousands of emails and who meets hundreds of people, and you understand the extreme effort that needs to go into privacy, discretion, and diplomacy with high profile leaders.
  • Commitment: Relationships compound in power over time so the principal is looking for a Chief of Staff who is focused on building a decade+ partnership together.
  • Confident + humble: No project is too big and no task is too small.
  • Optimizer: You are always thinking about how to build systems and automate and continually improve.
  • Hospitality mindset: You are eager to build an A+ experience for everyone in the principal’s life.
  • Highly experimental: You’ll be testing lots of new protocols and systems until the principal’s life is a well-oiled machine.
  • Hard worker: You love working, and you work hard, fast and efficiently.
  • Attention to detail: You double check your work and are meticulous in your tasks. 
  • Trustworthy: You will deal with very sensitive matters and high profile people, and trust can never be broken.
Compensation & Benefits
  • Cash: Salary based on experience
  • Location: Can work from anywhere
  • Schedule: You will work on the same time zone as the principal (typically PT to ET time zones) and over time you will build a junior team of assistants that will provide more 24/7 coverage
  • Environment: Fun and exciting work environment
  • Access: Principal works with world class people across various industries
  • Learning: Opportunities to learn about not only the principal’s high impact life but also his businesses, investing and new endeavors
  • Travel: Travel will be limited and when it happens it will typically be to beautiful places :)


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